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Saturday, February 6, 2010

DIY: Honey and Brown Sugar Facial Scrub


You know what D-I-Y stands for?  Uh Uh. . . Do it yourself.  I have always been the kinda gal that makes her own stuff.  Whether its creating a new simple recipe, drawing a picture that's inspiring or now making my own facial scrubs and hair products. 

Here is one that I recently made. 

Honey Brown Sugar Facial scrub and yup it’s exactly what it sounds like.




First, you need the honey.  I use this Pure Honey I get from the market.  I do a lot of market shopping for fruits and veggies, but anyway this stuff is great for my tea and now my facial scrubs.  :)

Check out the honey comb in the jar.:)



I use about a tablespoon.  Really just measure it to your liking.  Don’t use too much though. 


Then you have to have your brown sugar.  I use about a tablespoon and a half.  You can use a little more or less given the amount you want to apply to your face.  I always say, start with less then you can always add more. 


I add a little lime juice to loosen up the paste.  The citrus in the lime is also good for your face too. 




Mix it all together until it makes a paste like this.  Then wet your face and apply it all over in a circle motion, then rinse. 

This paste is great as a exfoliate.  :)


Happy Making:)

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